Artwork Guidelines

To Avoid Additional Artwork Fees

Screen Printing / Digital Transfer

Vector versus Bitmap files

Vector files (.ai, .eps) are preferred over bitmap files. It's easy to see the difference between the two, when you zoom into a bitmap file, the edges will become jagged and the image will start looking pixelated. When you zoom into a vector file, the edges stay sharp, with no distortion.

Watch out for creating vector files with embedded bitmap files, it is still a bitmap file and would be unusable unless redrawn for a fee.

Pantone Spot Colours

All colours must be converted to spot colours. Individual colours can be selected and converted to their Pantone equivalents using Adobe Illustrator, or your vector editor of choice.

Converting Fonts to Outlines / Paths / Curves

If your vector file contains any fonts / typefaces you need to convert these to outlines/paths/curves. If this is not done, and we do not have access to the font used locally, we will not be able to match your artwork.

BMP, TIF, JPG, and PSD Bitmap Files

Bitmap files supplied must be at least 300dpi and at least of the same measurements as the actual print size. Submitting bitmap files is not a preferred method and may incur an additional fee.

Adobe PDF

PDF files must be created from vector files, saving a bitmap file as a PDF does not convert it to a vector file. PDFs must remain editable.



All types accepted as long as the resolution is suitable for the required size of the embroidery.

Heat Photo Transfer

Works with any suitably high resolution image files.

Artwork Fees

We charge a fee of £25 if your artwork requires editing by us in order to be usable. Of course we will contact you for confirmation prior to starting the work.